Welcome to Prebbleton Peonies, your premier source for exquisite peony blooms in Christchurch, New Zealand and beyond.

As a leading peony farm, we specialise in cultivating and exporting high-quality peony stems, ensuring freshness and beauty with every order. Whether you're seeking locally grown peonies for sale during our limited picking season in October-November or exploring our range of peony-based products, including candles, prints and calendars, we've got you covered.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to pre-order these seasonal treasures and experience the unparalleled elegance of our globally renowned peonies.

Online orders are available and are based on Variety or Dispatch Date - see full details on that HERE.

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Delivering fresh cut peonies to NZ

We are excited to offer our export quality peonies to you, the New Zealand public.
Each variety is picked at their optimum stage to extend bloom time.
Boxes are packed securely and include a cold pack to help keep the buds tight and cool throughout the packing & delivery process - meaning that you get the most out of your bouquet.

Our season runs from mid October through to late November.
With over 20 varieties on our farm, you'll be spoilt for choice!

  • Mary - Auckland

    I was beyond excited to open the door to a delivery from Prebbleton Peonies. From arrival to the vase, they were a centre piece of the household for longer than I thought they would. Thank you so much for making these available to the North Island!


  • Callum - Taupo

    I sent my mum a dozen peonies and she was so happy! Such an easy process and delivered straight to her door. Can't wait for next season!


  • Emma - Queenstown

    This season is too short.. but to make up for it I now order them every week and I LOVE THEM. You guys should do subscriptions!!!


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