"Fill Ya Bucket" 2024 Event(s)

After the abundance of happy customers the first time round, we will be offering more dates in 2024 for this. Please read all the details below fully!

The option to book for this is available now. Purchasing is based on Variety so the DATE IS THE VARIABLE. As our main function is international exporter of stems, the picking season is a time when we are extremely busy. We do not have as much time as we would like to check emails and reply in a timely manner. Reading all the details below BEFORE any purchase will mean you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.  

Main details to know for this are:

  • WHEN: 
    Dates will be made available for each variety that we are offering for these events. The day will be broken into time slots so that numbers can be controlled. Dates TBC. You can select which time you would like to attend at checkout.

  • WHERE: 
    430 Spring Rd, Prebbleton. Christchurch

    We are a business that is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Should we need to reschedule, you will be given as much notice as possible. NB: We are not offering refunds for these events. Options given to those who can no longer attend due to our rescheduling are:
    1. Gift your spot to a friend.
    2. Collect $50 worth of stems another day. 

    Not all varieties will be open to a "Fill Ya Bucket" event.
    Varieties will be made available to this only after we have stopped picking them for export. To ensure there is enough for all attending, max number of stems = 60.
  • WHO: 
    Small groups will be shown into the rows at the beginning of each time slot. It will then be a "one out, one in" situation.
    Upon arrival, you will be shown to a check in station where your name will be added to the list and you can have your turn as numbers allow. Tickets are limited to 30 people per time slot. If you have a booked a space for 1pm but arrive at 12pm, you will not be let in until all the 12 and 12:30pm ticket holders are through.

    There will be plenty of space for parking ON SITE. DO NOT park on Springs Rd. Please follow the signs as you enter the property and do not exceed 5km/hour. Parking is close to the shed - come down the drive.

  • BRING:
    1. Your name and order number! This will be your entry.
    2. Your own secateurs to cut the stems. We will NOT have any secateurs for you to use. Scissors are NOT secateurs. Anyone with scissors will not be let in and will not be eligible for a refund (see below).
    3. Covered footwear. You will not be allowed in the rows if you do not have covered footwear.

    Buckets are supplied - only buckets provided are to be used.
    You can bring your own bucket to transport your pick home in, but we will provide the buckets for picking. Option to purchase the bucket for $5 is available on the day. NO BYO BUCKETS.

  • COST: 
    $50/person. Price is per person/per bucket.
    For health and safely reasons, there is no allowance for a "plus 1" who is not picking. 
    Friends/partners/children will not be allowed in the same area as pickers. No children are to be left unattended. 

    Refunds requested via email 72 hours prior to the event will be considered. No refunds will be considered after this time. We are a working flower farm and as mentioned above, do not get to emails in a timely manner during our season. While we will do our best to accommodate where possible - please consider this prior to your purchase. 
    Alternative options that will be given are:
    1. Gift your spot to a friend.
    2. Collect $50 worth of stems another day.

  • SAFETY: 
    You will be given a brief prior to entering the rows: Some main points = No running and under NO circumstances are you to climb over the wires. Anyone seen climbing over will be asked to leave immediately. There are sufficient flowers for everybody. Please stick to your time slots. If you are late or take longer, this will delay other groups. 

    Our farm is not wheelchair friendly. That being said we will be looking to open up a session where any limitations to access (wheelchair, disability) will allow for a support person to assist in the picking. This will be a day separate to the main events and allow for safety and focus on those who attend. If you are interested in this, please do let us know via email (hello@prebbletonpeonies.com)

    Photography at these events will be used on our websites and social media. Please let staff know upon arrival if you DO NOT wish to be visible in any imagery.


We are a working export farm. If you join us for any of these events, please follow all instructions from our wonderful staff, be kind to each other and enjoy. 


By purchasing a ticket for this event, you agree to the instructions listed above as well as the instructions set by the staff on the day. Failure to follow these instructions will end in being asked to leave the premise. All attendees agree to adhere to the Health & Safety at Work Act of 2015.

Book your spot today!