WHEN can I purchase your peonies?!?

Short Answer: Our picking season runs from Mid October through to the End of November. But you can Pre-order them now.

Longer Answer: The date/availablility of our peonies are based on previous years start and end dates. It can vary year to year as we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Pre-orders are available so you can plan ahead and get something ticled off your "to-do" list.

October/November is when we will offer fresh cut stems and grown Mature Plants. Any available Tubers are sold towards the end of April as this is when we dig any up - and when we recommend planting them yourself.

Can I be a Wholesaler?

Yes :)
Last year we had a trial run with this portal. This year there will be a few changes. Fill in the form here and we will get back to you with updates/info/answer your specific questions.

Why can I not select the variety?

You may be looking at the wrong product. To select a specific Variety, go HERE.

NB: This product is based on Variety. Your order will be sent based on when we are picking the variety chosen. If you are wanting a specific Dispatch Date, please order from this product. 

I don't live in NZ, can I send to a loved one?

If they are based in New Zeland, absolutely - check out our Gift Box option. It includes a block of Whittakers chocolate and hand-written note.

Can you guarantee delivery on time?

No. We can guarantee Dispatch Date. This is the date you choose at checkout and we ensure it is sent out on that date with the courier.

We worked hard last year to integrate a shipping system that allows for the best possible shipping options of our product. NZ Post offers overnight delivery nation wide but even they run into road blocks. For full details on Shipping, check out our Shipping Policy. Please note that you will be asked to agree to our Shipping Policy prior to completing your purchase.

When are you open? How can I find you?

Being a working flower farm, our open hours vary during the year. Please look at our Open Hours page for full details on our 2023 season.  

Will you still dispatch on Labour Day (Monday 23rd October 2023?)

No, no deliveries will go out on this date. However, local pick up will still be available on this date as we will still be open and operating.

What does 'Export Quality' mean?

Prebbleton Peonies is predominantly an export based peony farm. Our peonies are grown and shipped overseas (mainly to the United States). This means that they are grown to a high standard. Any orders purchased online are the same product as what is shipped overseas to the exporters.

Why don't you dispatch on weekends?

When the flower season is in full swing, it is heads down and tails up. Fulfilment of domestic orders are limited to these days to ensure we can get them to you before the weekend.

What varieties do you have?

Check out Our Varieties page.

I am a photographer/photography student and would love to take photos of your peonies, is this possible?

We encourage all types of creativity and want to share the beauty of this flower as much as possible. If you would like to discuss taking photos during the season, please email orders@prebbletonpeonies.com.

I want peonies for my wedding - who do I talk to?

If you are having a wedding between October 20th and December 1st, we may be able to help.

Please email directly at orders@prebbletonpeonies.com to discuss options.

I have a question that has not been covered...

Please send us an enquiry via the contact form and we will get back to you as well as look to add it to our FAQ page.

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