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Prebbleton Peonies

Mother's Day Gift Box

Mother's Day Gift Box

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This Mother's Day, explore a Mother's Day gift idea with our Mother's Day Gift Box. A carefully curated ensemble designed to celebrate your Mum and her love of peonies. 

Included in the Mother's Day Gift Box is:

1. 1x Peony Tuber: Begin her journey of floral enchantment with our exquisite peony tuber. A promise of perennial beauty, this tuber holds the potential to bloom into a magnificent display of radiant peonies, infusing her garden with vibrant hues and fragrant allure year after year. Be sure to download our Planting Guide - Free from our website HERE
Variety = Vary depending on stock allocation at time of order. 

2. Prebbleton Peonies - 350ml Peony Candle: Illuminate her world with the mesmerising glow of our Peony Candle. Each flicker releases a delicate fragrance, evoking the essence of a sun-drenched garden adorned with blooming peonies, creating an ambiance of tranquility and warmth.

3. Prebbleton Peonies Branded Gardening Apron: Practical and stylish! Adorned with the lush beauty of peonies, this apron not only adds charm to her garden adventures but also serves as a tribute to her nurturing love and dedication in the heart of the home.
(Blue or Black - dependent on stock) 

4. Secateurs: Always a handy tool - and you can never really have enough! Equip her with the tools of a garden enthusiast with secateurs. Crafted for both functionality and beauty, these secateurs enable her to tend to her beloved blooms with precision and care, ensuring her garden flourishes with the vibrant splendor of peonies.

5. Gardening Gloves: Another item you can never have too many of! These gloves provide protection as she tends to her beloved garden, allowing her to immerse herself in the joy of nurturing nature's most exquisite treasures.
(One size)

6. Whittaker's Chocolate Block: Delight her taste buds with the decadent indulgence of Whittaker's Chocolate. This Kiwi favourite is the icing on the cake for this gift... flowers and chocolate - winner! 
(Not shown in picture but will be part of the Artisan Collection range)

Elevate her Mother's Day with our Mother's Day Gift Box. Order now and witness her delight as she unwraps a treasure trove of love and appreciation, encapsulated in the enchanting beauty of peonies.


  • Numbers of these gift boxes are limited.
  • Shipping/collection is limited - this is due to the timing of the dig for tubers. We only dig in Autumn and only once. 
  • Pick up option is the week before Mothers Day (May 6-10th)
  • Shipping options are available Monday to Wednesday of the same week. This is to allow for arrival in time for the weekend. 
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From our family to yours, thank you for your support during this short but sweet season.

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