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Peony Tubers

Peony Tubers

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Peonies are a very particular flower - they require a certain environment to thrive in but once they get going, they are an extremely durable plant. Digging up and moving them at a certain time of year helps with this durability. This is why we only offer Tubers in Autumn and why we suggest planting at this time too. At this time of year, they are dormant and more resilient to any disruption. 

You will always get value for money when buying our tubers. Each purchase will come with at least 3-5 eyes (Minimum!). You can also download our free Planting Guide. This is based on what we do here on our farm, advise may vary from other sources. 


  • It is recommended that you DO NOT split the tubers further.
  • Available varieties are based on what we move/dig up and vary year to year.
  • All available options are shown here and we do not dig to order. 
  • Tubers are the root stage as shown in Image #2. The other image is to show you what it will grow into. If you are wanting Mature Plants, potted and in bloom, you can find this product HERE. These will become available DURING the season as this is when they grow.

Purchase of this product outside of Autumn(ish) - End of April to End of June - are considered pre-orders. By placing an order for this product OUTSIDE of that window, you understand that you will not receive this product  until that time frame. If picking up - You will be able to choose collection dates through the checkout process.

*If based in the North Island, please know that peonies thrive in colder climates. We do not provide refunds for this product so please order at own risk. If you have any questions, use the chat function on this site and we would be happy to help where we can.
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From our family to yours, thank you for your support during this short but sweet season.

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