How To Keep Peonies Fresh

How To Keep Peonies Fresh

Placing your beautiful Prebbleton Peony flowers in water is not enough to ensure their longevity. To maximize the life of your blooms, we recommend following these tips.

Proper Cutting
To ensure that your peony flowers absorb water and nutrients effectively, it is important to cut the stems as soon as you get them home. Like all flowers, Peonies have a vascular system in their stems that draw up water and nutrients to feed the blooms. If you neglect to cut them, air that has been drawn into the stems while they were out of water can block water absorption. Use sharp scissors or pruning shears to snip at least one-half inch off the bottom of the stems. Make sure to cut above possible air bubbles - This is highly recommended as Prebbleton Peonies are delivered in a box and tied with a rubber band.

Immediate Watering
Fun tip: To prevent air bubbles from forming in the stems, cut the stems under water. Then, place the peony flowers in a vase of water right after the cut. Don't delay this step. Arrange your bouquet first, and then cut the stems and put them in water.

Optimal Water Temperature
Peony flowers should not be placed in hot water as it may harm them. Room-temperature water is best, with one exception: If you have unopened peonies and want to speed up blooming, perhaps because you plan to use them as a table centerpiece in the next day or two, use warm water to help them open up more quickly. Keep in mind that they may die sooner.

For other flowers, blooms from bulbs that flower during cooler months, such as anemones, daffodils, and tulips, will do better if the water is below room temperature. Using cool water will help them last longer.

Removing Below-Water Foliage
Leaving plant leaves and flowers in the vase water will cause them to rot quickly. This will spread bacteria that will kill your flowers before their time. Therefore, it is crucial to remove any below-water foliage.

Cool Placement
Heat will accelerate the decay of your peonies, so it's best to place the arrangements in cool spots away from heating ducts and vents. Avoid placing peony flowers in direct sunlight as well.

Regular Water Change
Washing out the vase and refilling it at least every three days is essential to avoid bacterial growth, which may harm your peony flowers. Trim another half-inch off the stems every time you change the water.

DIY Flower Food
Flower food packets contain sugar to provide nourishment, citric acid to keep the pH low and acidic to help water move up the stems, and antibacterial powder. If your arrangement didn't include a packet of food or if you've used yours up, you can make your own each time you change the water or before cutting the stems. Mix a few drops of bleach or a clear spirit such as vodka or gin to help fight bacterial growth. Then, add a few drops of clear soda or superfine sugar to feed the flowers. Finally, crush a vitamin C tablet and add it to lower the pH. Following these simple tips will help you enjoy the beauty of your peony flowers for an extended period.

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